Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan

One of the goals of the GHMPO is to provide an integrated multimodal and intermodal transportation system that includes more options to provide the desired level of accessibility and mobility of people and goods in a safe and secured manner.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan addresses this goal by integrating bicycle and pedestrian facilities into the GHMPO's plans for state and federally funded transportation projects. The plan also identifies proposed projects and design standards for new facilities, along with potential funding sources. The GHMPO Policy Committee adopted the plan on March 14, 2006.
A wooden pathway through the woods
Subsequently, a partial update focusing on expanding and enhancing multi-use trails to provide off-road facilities for bicyclists and pedestrians was conducted in 2013. A benefit to having wider trail sections in place is that they serve to maximize the potential for use among many different types of user groups. However, consideration was also given to other facility types such as sidewalks and bikeable shoulders, whenever applicable. The GHMPO Policy Committee adopted the partial update on March 11, 2014.
In 2016, an in-house sidewalk inventory was conducted by GHMPO staff. The below report highlights sidewalk availability throughout the GHMPO planning area and discusses potential opportunities to improve on that connectivity in the future.  

Sidewalk Inventory Report - 2017