How is the GHMPO structured?
In addition to the Policy Committee, the GHMPO has the Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) and the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC).

The Policy Committee is the decision making body for the organization. It is made up of the following officials or their designees:

Mayor, City of Gainesville
Mayor, City of Flowery Branch
Mayor, City of Oakwood
Chairperson, Hall County Commission
Chairperson, Jackson County Board of Commissioners
Commissioner, Georgia Department of Transportation

The Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) provides recommendations from a technical perspective on the plans and programs adopted by the GHMPO. The voting membership is made up of administrators, engineers and planners from the member jurisdictions, Hall Area Transit and GDOT. The non-voting membership includes representatives of various State and Federal transportation agencies, local law enforcement, school boards and major local institutions.

The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) provides recommendations from the public’s perspective, and consists of 19 appointees from the member jurisdictions as follows: Hall County (8), Gainesville (5), Flowery Branch (2), Oakwood (2), Braselton (1), and Jackson County (1).

The GHMPO staff, housed in the Hall County Planning Department, administers the planning program and provides technical guidance and administrative support to the committees.

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