Gainesville & South Hall Trail Studies


GHMPO is conducting two separate trail studies simultaneously using a single consultant team to analyze possible trail connections in both the Gainesville and South Hall areas. The Gainesville Trail Study is exploring possible routes to connect the Midtown Greenway trail near downtown Gainesville to the top of the Chicopee Trail just south of the airport. The South Hall Trail Study is similarly exploring possible routes connecting the Oakwood and Chicopee Trail areas with the multi-use path along Friendship Road near Flowery Branch.

The figure to the right highlights the approximate locations of the Gainesville & South Hall Trail Studies - precise route recommendations will be developed during the studies.

Project Web-Page

Alta Planning + Design has been hired to conduct these two trail studies for GHMPO. The Alta project team has created a standalone project website with more detailed information, announcements, surveys, and maps. Alta will continuously update the following web page as the studies progress:

Gainesville & South Hall Trail Studies Web-Page
Additional Questions?  Please contact Joseph Boyd at or (770) 297-5541