Gainesville-Hall Regional Transportation Plan 2015

2015 Update

Vehicles on the road, stopped at a stop lightThe Gainesville-Hall Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (GHMPO) area of responsibility for transportation planning and air quality management expanded in 2014 as a result of the expansion of the Gainesville urbanized area per the 2010 Census. As a result, the new planning area boundary in this plan update includes portions of Jackson County.

Elected government officials within the GHMPO comprise our Policy Committee, and several other state and federal agencies provide funding for our transportation system, such as the Georgia Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, and the Federal Transit Administration.

Those of us who live, work, vacation, and invest within the GHMPO area are all stakeholders in developing a reliable, safe, and accessible transportation network. Your opinions, needs, and vision for the GHMPO region helped determine policy through the next several decades.

Process & Planning

The Gainesville-Hall Regional Transportation Plan: 2015 Update (RTP Update) is both a process and a planning document:

  • It engaged the community in a conversation about changing mobility needs, preferencesaccess and connectivity both today and during anticipated growth pressures tomorrow.
  • It built on the recent GHMPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update, the Gainesville Transportation Master Plan, several comprehensive and master plans conducted by various cities within Hall and Jackson counties, as well as the Metropolitan Transportation Plan that was adopted in 2011.

This transportation plan update is in compliance with the current federal transportation legislation known as Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21). The RTP Update includes performance measures and other requirements that keep our MPO eligible for transportation dollars. It also includes a prioritized set of short, mid and long range projects.


Transportation Plan


Travel Demand Model Update


Conformity Determination Report


Transportation Projects


Amendments & Administrative Modifications


Adopted Performance Measures