February 2019: Gainesville & South Hall Trail Studies Adopted

From January 2018 through February of 2019, GHMPO conducted two separate trail studies simultaneously to analyze possible trail connections in both the Gainesville and South Hall areas. Alta Planning + Design, a national firm that specializes in the planning, design, engineering, and implementation of various bicycle and pedestrians projects, was chosen to conduct the two studies for GHMPO. The Gainesville Trail Study explored possible routes to connect the Midtown Greenway trail near downtown Gainesville to the north end of the Chicopee Trail. The South Hall Trail Study similarly explored possible routes connecting the Oakwood and Chicopee Trail areas with the multi-use path along Friendship Road near Flowery Branch. Please see the following link to the project webpage that contains both study documents in full:

Gainesville & South Hall Trail Studies Web-Page

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