July 2018: Jackson County and GHMPO Partner to Develop a Transportation Plan

Jackson County and the Gainesville-Hall MPO have partnered together and retained RS&H to develop a new transportation plan for the County. Jackson County’s previous roads plan was prepared in 2008. Considering the ten-year time that has passed and the growth Jackson County has experienced over this time period, the County feels it needs to reassess its transportation network and then come up with a multi-modal plan for the next 25 years. GHMPO is managing this study with Jackson County and is contributing federal transportation planning funds for this effort. The project has started with data collection to assess existing conditions. Socioeconomic data is being prepared for base year 2015 and future year 2045. This data will help assess the growth of population, employment, and school enrollment on the area’s transportation network and, consequently, the transportation improvements needed to mitigate their impact. Four public meetings/workshops and extensive online surveys and social media engagement are being planned to solicit public input in the planning process. The plan is expected to be completed by June 2019. Follow all project updates throughout the study at the Jackson County Transportation Plan Webpage.